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The Bannow Bay Equine Assisted Therapy & Learning​​
Equine Assisted Therapy & Learning for Children, Teenagers and Adults

What is Equine Assisted Therapy & Learning?

The use of horses to assist in a therapeutic technique, it is complimentary to many, if not all existing and highly established therapeutic methods.

Stable Management classes and workshops for adults and children with or without additional needs are also run to provide an insight into the care of horses, so there is no necessity for the ability to ride horses.​​
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    One to One sessions involving interaction with horses. There is no riding involved.
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    Why use horses?
    Horses are social animals, they have complex relationships with their herd. They are patient, receptive and co-operative and they have a natural orientation towards people.
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    How equine assisted therapy works?
    EAT helps to improve self-reflection and self-awareness and to develop greater self-esteem. Horses only care about what you exhibit in the moment.

​Equine Assisted Therapy & Learning (EATL)

The Greeks documented the horses therapeutic value in 600BC,  Cassaign concluded in 1875 that equine assisted therapy helped certain neuological disorders. 
EAT is proving to be a potent treatment suited for Adults, Teenagers and Children with disabilites such as:

Sensory  Disability
Emotional & Mental Health Impairments
Physical Disabilities
Intellectual and Learning Disabilities
"Horses change lives. They give our young people confidence and self-esteem. 
They provide peace and tranquility to troubled souls. They give us hope!"

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